About Us

Trifecta Tuning has been serving the community with professional bicycle repair, maintenance, and tuning for all levels. Providing the best customer service and support available since 2013. Our customers are cycling enthusiasts ranging from casual riders, commuters, and weekend warriors, to road racers, competitive mountain cyclists, and pro card triathletes. We are passionate about the sport and are eager to help newcomers and seasoned cyclists alike. Trifecta Tuning specializes in the preparation of triathlon, road, and mountain bikes for races and non-competitive events. Experience the pinnacle of service!

Jason “Harris” Harris is the sole owner and mechanic behind Trifecta Tuning. Beginning as a mechanic at Papillon Cycles during high school, Jason learned the ins and outs of the bicycle service industry. After a 5 year tenure at Papillon and multiple other jobs, he found himself working at the high-end bicycle shop Freshbikes. Working side by side with some of the best mechanics in the industry, he quickly became a top employee and was promoted to the service manager of the Bethesda location. During this period he was able to not only increase his knowledge of new cycling technologies and mechanical techniques but also participate in numerous cycling events. From ultra-endurance road and mountain biking, XC, DH, and road racing to triathlons and group rides, his experience extends well past the work stand.
Trifecta Tuning employs environmental practices that benefit us all. All worn chains, cassettes, and components are donated to Phoenix Bikes. We use chemicals sparingly, and all old batteries, DOT brake fluid, and shock oil are properly disposed of. Our parts washer uses a biodegradable enzyme based degreaser, and the ultrasonic cleaner forgoes harsh chemical degreasers and uses a water-based detergent soap. Shop lighting is provided by the sun during the day and supplemented with LED lights for minimal power consumption. Air conditioning is provided by a single box fan. We recycle all plastic and cardboard packaging (and bottles and cans).